Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is open to the public, which means that jogging in the fresh air will become even more accessible. If you want to feel at one with nature while jogging, then this place is perfect. It is worth noting that the territory of the garden is quite large, so it is recommended to think over the route and carefully look under your feet. In addition to fresh air, you can find various animals in the garden – squirrels, pheasants and other birds.


Terrencourt is a path of health. A special method of recovery, which includes metered physical activity in the form of hiking. The Almaty terrenkur is located along the Malaya Almatinka. This alley originates behind the Arman cinema. The length is 4500 meters. What is remarkable about this route? While running, you can observe such sights of the city as: a beautiful view of the mountains, the Arman cinema, the cable car, the Palace of Schoolchildren, the Palace of the Republic, the embankment of the Malaya Almatinka River, the Luxor ice arena, the Kok-tobe TV tower.

Alley along Vesnovka

You’ve probably walked along the alley along Vesnovka more than once. So, it’s very convenient to run there. What to keep in mind: streets crossing the alley. We advise you to look carefully around, as cars may pass there.

Dynamo Stadium

The stadium is located in the city center, which makes it easily accessible to many residents of Almaty. This is one of the oldest stadiums, but every morning and evening it welcomes several dozen visitors who adhere to a healthy lifestyle. At the stadium itself you will find benches for relaxation and several exercise machines for warming up muscles. It is worth noting that the territory has a fence from the entrance of cars. We recommend that you start training in the morning or evening, since sports teams can practice there at another time of the day.

Park of the First President

Another place where you can exercise outdoors is the park of the First President. The park is equipped with very comfortable paths. For those who want to run in a place with a lot of flower beds, recreation areas, good Parking, beautiful mountain views, then this park is a great option.

Stairs to Medeu

The ladder of “Health”, where mass races are held every year, is a great option for those who want to test their endurance. The longest interval for running is 841 steps. Agree, not everyone can do such a steep climb? Nevertheless, there are plenty of people who want to climb so high. Try it and you!

Park on the territory of “Atakent”

Another convenient route for running can be realized on a large area of the park, located on the territory of the international exhibition company “Atakent-Expo”. The advantage of this place is certainly its location – almost in the center of the city.

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