You will not find these places on almost any tourist map of the city. Although the indigenous people of Almaty cannot imagine their life without these routes.

Pine Park

He is also the “Orphanage Park”, which got its name due to the fact that in 1879, by the forces of the military governor of the Semirechensk region, Gerasim Kolpakovsky, for orphans The faithful was given a house that stood literally a dozen steps from the park. In Soviet times, the park was renamed the park. Dzerzhinsky. And, of course, anyone who has read Yuri Dombrovsky’s books at least once will easily recognize these pines, forever imprinted in almost all the works of the writers and especially in the “Faculty of Unnecessary Things”.

Khamit Yergali Park

Students of Al Farabi Kazakh National University, located 100 meters from the park, often, a lot, and with pleasure skip lectures there. And also residents of all the surrounding houses and couples in love. Green, cozy, spacious. With a large playground and a separate lawn where dog breeders gather.

A pedestrian promenade along the Esentai river

In the mornings and evenings, Almaty residents run here and just walk. Because the embankment turned out to be an ideal artery, bringing the clean air of the foothills and the coolness of the river to the city. In the evening, when the lanterns are lit, this is one of the most romantic routes for dating.

Square behind the Kazakhstan hotel

Most tourists once consider the tallest building in Almaty – the Kazakhstan Hotel – from Dostyk Avenue. Then, having reached the monument to Abai, he is photographed against its background and … goes on. But Almaty residents bypass the hotel from the back side, go out into a quiet and very cozy square to read under the noise of the fountain or just take a break on the hottest days. And also to feed the squirrels living here in winter in the crowns of ancient oaks.


The length of the Almaty terrenkur is about 5 kilometers. A leisurely walk will take about 1.5-2 hours (in both directions). The “path of health” begins in the area of the Arman cinema and rises up (towards the mountains) parallel to Tattimbeta Street. Ideal for jogging, Nordic walking training and just walking. The lowest point of the terrencourt is at an altitude of 876 meters (above sea level) and gradually rises to 1060 meters. In summer there is a lot of greenery around and at any time of the city you will be accompanied by a river.

The park near the Gabita Musrepov Theater

A place where Almaty youth likes to have picnics on the grass. And where the newlyweds traditionally come for a wedding photo shoot. But, despite all of the above, the park does not give the impression of being crowded with people at all. If you want to wander alone, then sit on the grass, and after 15 minutes be back in the thick of city events – you are here.

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