The popular OCEANMAN swim will be launched in Almaty. In order to promote sports and event tourism, akimats of Almaty and Kapshagay signed a memorandum with the franchise holder of “ZIP Kazakhstan” LLP on holding a series of OCEANMAN ALMATY-KAPCHAGAY 2021 launches. It is expected that the sports event will attract a new flow of tourists and give prospects for the development of tourism at the international level. One of Oceanman’s main missions is to promote a healthy lifestyle. It is worth emphasizing that about 1200 people will take part in the sports competition. Both professional athletes and amateurs can test their strength in the competition.

International competition

Oceanman is an international open water swimming competition. Swims are performed in the most famous open reservoirs – rivers, lakes, seas, straits. The competition takes place in several distances: Oceanman (6-14 km), Half Oceanman (3.5-5 km), Popular (1-2 km). Oceanman series swims started for the first time in 2015. They were originally held in Spain, Italy. Now the launches are also held in Russia, Switzerland, Mexico, Ukraine, UAE, Malaysia, France, Thailand, Greece. Swimming in open water imposes completely different requirements for the training of swimmers than in the pool. However, the emotions and impressions that swimming in reservoirs, seas and oceans gives to participants cannot be compared with anything. For many swimming enthusiasts, open water starts are about learning your endurance and an exciting adventure in picturesque places.

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