It conceals a considerable number of truly fascinating places, and it seems that it takes a lifetime to see all this beauty with your own eyes. First of all, these are masterpieces created by nature itself – stunning mountain landscapes, transparent reservoirs, mysterious forests untouched by civilization. Along with them, places where the symbiosis of Nature and Man triumphs, such as the ski resorts of Shymkent and the Medeu high-altitude skating rink, are admired. Landmark cultural objects of Almaty, as well as architectural monuments have long been the hallmark of our city. In order to introduce our guests to the amazing beauty of Almaty and its surroundings, we have created a unique selection of author’s Nomadian Cards. They will be interesting both to those who could not personally appreciate the sights of our city, and to those who want to keep in mind the admiration of what they saw. “Nomadian Cards. Moments to remember» IG @nomadiancards

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