Tourist Michele Squeri visited Almaty

A gardener by profession but a traveler in life has traveled almost half the world in 15 years. The next point of his journey around the world was Kazakhstan and the southern capital. It should be noted that Kazakhstan is the first country in Central Asia that he visited. The foreign guest arrived in Almaty in a rare Italian car of 1972, which he specially purchased for this visit.

One of the first destinations for foreign visitor was the tourist information center Visit Almaty. Having crossed the threshold of the tourist hub, the Italian guest plunged into the national atmosphere of comfort and hospitality. Moreover, he was also able to get full information about the city, the picturesque places of Almaty and learn more about the tourist potential of the southern capital. In addition, the Italian guest was served a generous dastarkhan, where he could taste the national cuisine. Also he noted the exquisite taste of bauyrsak and kumis’s thirst quenching feature.

“Very warm city and delicious food. I liked the Kazakh cuisine,” the Italian tourist said.

Sitting in a cozy Yurt, located inside the hub, the tourist mentioned a special warm and hospitable atmosphere. The guest from Italy was pleasantly surprised not only by the Kazakh hospitality, but also by the fascinating picturesque view of the Almaty Mountains. On top of that, he noted that before leaving, he wants to visit the national Park “AltynEmel”, as he has heard about its unique nature more than once. By the end of his visit, in order to keep warm memories of Almaty, Michele Squeri added a sticker with logo of Visit Almaty on his rare car.

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