There is always some hidden or unknown story behind every city and Almaty also has its own. There exist several areas that are unrevealed even for citizens of Almaty.

Bol`shaya Stanica

This is a place which is known only for native people of Almaty. Bolshaya Stanica or Almatinskaya Stanica was founded after two years of Vernyis foundation, in 1856. In 1911, there was built a magnificent temple – the military Uzun-Agach Cathedral. In the fence of the temple were interred many honorable people of Zhetysu (in Kazakh means “Seven rivers”). Moreover, the area is popular for its two iconic and religious buildings: Central Mosque and Sofia Church (ex Uzun-Agach Cathedral). During the USSR period Sofia Church was rebuilt into cinema but after a while in the 2000s the church was reconstructed.

Malaya Stanica

This area was founded in 1870 and did not enter the city territory till 1962. Its border was from the Ryskulov Avenue till the Zharbulak River. Many years ago there was built a home of culture which then turned into a cinema. Nowadays at that place there is a restaurant. Moreover there is a Temple of Our Lady of Kazan which actually was in Bolshaya Stanica at first but then because of the strict rules was moved to Malaya Stanica`s territory.


This is the second region to be found after the foundation of Vernyi in 1860. Initially the name of this place was Tashkent settlement but then renamed to Tatarka because of the numerous Tatars lived there. In general, the population of Tatarka was merchants and artisans. Interesting fact is that there is the oldest mosque called Fatima which during USSR period was a club of workers at a shoe factory. Also, there are located the mausoleums of popular and important people for Kazakh diaspora.

Golden Square

This is the urban housing estate of Almaty, located within the boundaries of the Zheltoksan – Abay – Kunaev – Kabanbai Batyr streets. The city block was formed in 1930-1970 and still is one of the famous areas among city dwellers. This area was famous for the fact that public figures of the Kazakh people, such as D. Kunaev, A. Baitursynov and others, lived here. There are a large number of attractions and cultural sites, such as Kazakh State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Abay and the Russian Drama Theater named after Lermontov. Also here is the Bath Arasan and the Kunaev Museum. Therefore, this place is called the cultural zone of Almaty.

«Gornyi Gigant» (Mountain Giant)

In the end of the VIII-XIII centuries, there were several settlements and cities on the territory of “big Almaty”. One of them was Gornyi Gigant (IX-XII centuries). In the early 70’s there was found some jewelry, which belongs to 4th – 5th centuries, it says that this region has a historical significance for the city. Currently “Mountain Giant” is one of the administrative districts where mainly the embassies are located. Moreover, one of the luxury residential complexes –Esentai City is situated here.

Compote District

This is the most popular and informal areas of Almaty. The territory of Compote starts from the right bank of the river Almatynka, left bank of the river Zharbulak, Bogenbay Batyr Street and Baitasov Street. In general, this place was a «home» of apple orchards and from that the names of streets were mostly named «fruity» like Yablochnaya (Malic), Vishnevaya (cherry) and Grushovaya (pear). That`s why the name of this region is Compote. Some people say that there is a huge oak aged more than 150 years and it is considered to be the oldest tree in Almaty.

Barakholka Market

Every tourist is keen on buying some stuff from different cities which they visit and in Almaty the best place to do shopping is Barakholka. It is the biggest and most popular market in the city. Here you can find literally everything you need, from clothing to technology. The market itself is divided into a large number of branches, such as Adem, Bolashak, Yalyan and others. Each of them is focused on a certain type of good. For example, in Bolashak you can buy clothes for which prices are quite low, and in Yalyan you can find different equipments and technology.

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