The Boraldai Saka burial mounds are the only monument of the early Iron Age that has been preserved on the territory of Almaty. A huge kurgan necropolis with an area of 430 hectares is located in the Alatau district of the city, between the Bolshaya Almatinka and Boraldai rivers, not far from the airport. Here is an ancient necropolis, whose history dates back more than two and a half thousand years. The archaeological complex consists of 47 Saka and Uysun mounds, the largest has a height of 14 meters and reaches a diameter of more than 100 meters. The most ancient mounds date back to the VI century BC. At the same time, the monument has preserved its cultural and natural landscape to the present day, avoiding buildings and destruction.

The Boraldai Saka Burial Mounds Park was included in the national list of sacred sites within the framework of the Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan project. In addition, a proposal is planned to include the archaeological complex in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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