You can see the city in all its beauty only from one of the 7 peaks that have guarded our city since ancient times. These peaks are the most popular routes for both professional climbers and amateurs. There are both easy and difficult trails. Shymbulachka, Oktyabrenok, Nursultan, Amangeldy, Abay, Molodezhny, Yoshkar-Ola – the seven titans-guardians of Almaty.

1. Shymbulachka Peak

3610 m

It’s the easiest climbing. View of the surrounding peaks and Almaty.

2. Oktyabrenok Peak

3650 m

It’s for experienced climbers and mountaineers. It can be seen from Shymbulaka.

3. Nursultan Peak

4376 m

A difficult and intense route and, as a reward, a cinematic view of Almaty.

4. Amangeldy Peak

3999 m

Medium difficulty, Bogdanovich and Tuyuksu glaciers, Manshuk Mametova and Abay peaks.

5. Abay Peak

4010 m

A simple but long route, a red granite peak, a view of the Bogdanovich and Tuyuksu glaciers, Shymbulak and Medeo.

6. Molodezhny Peak

4147 m

Route with elements of ice climbing. View of Nursultan Peak and nearby peaks.

7. Yoshkar-Ola Peak

3950 m

For beginner climbers, it is visible from many points in Almaty. Route with elements of ice climbing.

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