Halyk Arena Ice Complex is the Palace of Sports and Culture in Almaty which was built in 2016 for the 2017 Winter Universiade. The facility is intended for sporting events in hockey, figure skating and other sports. The marble front hall in the main arena is equipped with a modern automatic access system providing maximum security. In order for the arena to fully comply with international standards, European equipment for sports facilities with automatic head fixation and a camera for analyzing game moments was installed here. The main core of the building is the ice hockey arena with dimensions of 61 x 30 meters, with a total area of more than 20,000 square meters with a capacity of more than 3000 spectators. Here all the necessary conditions for athletes, referees, the work of media representatives and doping control are created. The arena is designed in such a way that a hockey court can be transformed into a venue for many game and individual sports such as volleyball, basketball, futsal, wrestling, boxing. In this case, ice protection is provided by special thermal coating. The technical equipment of the complex allows for large concert and entertainment events. The complex is designed for concerts, cultural events and is equipped with the most modern lighting and sound equipment; over a year it is able to miss more than 150 thousand visitors. During the Universiade, hockey competitions were held in the arena. Subsequently, the Halyk Arena became the home venue for the hockey clubs Almaty and Aisulu. Along with this, the rolling skating rink is open for mass skating on weekends. Preferential rental of skates is provided to children, schoolchildren, students, as well as pensioners. One of the main objectives of the Halyk Arena is to create comfortable conditions for fans to watch the match, as in the world’s largest sports arenas. For this, both the geometry of the stands, and the angle of their inclination, the maximum approximation of the stands to the arena are calculated. Thanks to this, all viewers will have an excellent view of the field from any point of the stands, including the lower and upper tiers. The multifunctionality of the complex consists in the fact that the space-planning structure of the arena allows transforming ice for competitions in game and individual sports, as well as cultural events. In addition, the arenas are equipped with gyms and a swimming pool for the daily training process.