Almaty Hippodrome

Almaty Hippodrome

Almaty Republican Hippodrome was founded in March 1930. It is the oldest sports ground in Almaty city. The creation of the hippodrome has played a huge role in the establishment of selection and breeding sector aimed at improving the horse breeding in Kazakhstan. In Soviet times, it was one of the best hippodromes in USSR. Repeatedly, the Almaty Hippodrome was the place of All-Union competitions. The main activity of the hippodrome was to test the riding and trotter horses and organization of equestrian-sports events. During the Great Patriotic War the hippodrome did not stop and supplied horses for cavalry units.  More than 100 records of clipper were set at Alma-Ata hippodrome. To date, the Almaty Hippodrome includes:

1. Racetrack of 2,000 m long and 20 m wide, the covering is sand.

2. Sandy Training track of 1,600 m long and 20 m wide.

3. Earth-track of 1,000 meters long.

4. Ground for “Kokpar” game and a polo field with a size 350 by 150 meters.

5. Stable yard can contain up to 300 horses.

6. Viewing stand for 3,000 places.

7. Total area is 40 hectares

8. Cafe, hotel, equestrian ammunition store, gym hall.

9. There are 3 riding schools, including Children’s and Youth Sports School No.19 based on the national and Olympic types of equestrian sport.

10. Unit for work with children with special developmental needs

About 20 sport events are held annually at the hippodrome, including a regular race season of 12 race days (more than 100 races), the festival of national sports “Uly Dala Oyindary” and 5-7 competitions in Olympic equestrian sports and horse races.  

            Season of competitions: from May to October.