The city of 4 seasons

Have you ever wondered about the natural beauty of your country? How is it protected or why do we even have them in our life. The answer to these questions is - National parks. It is a huge "home" of open arrive set aside for local plants and animals.

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Waterfall Gorelnik

Gorelnik Gorge and its waterfalls One of the most picturesque and easily accessible places in the mountains of Almaty. The route is not as popular as Kok-Zhailau, but no less interesting and beautiful. People come there to admire the waterfalls (Small and Big), and the brave ones swim under the icy flowing water. The path […]

Almarasan gorge

A delightful place for picnics and walks This is a popular place for tourism and simple walks among those who do not want to climb the peaks, and just want to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. The gorge is located in the south-west of Almaty, you can get there by driving up the […]

Kaskelen gorge

Country silence or an island of natural tranquility The gorge is located 25 kilometers from the western line of the city of Almaty and is part of the Ile-Alatau National Park. This simple natural landmark is breathtaking with the beauty of its nature – sprawling coniferous forests that turn into deciduous and fruit trees as […]

Monakhov gorge 

The magical beauty of a small gorge The stunning beauty of the gorge is located near the city of Talgar, on the territory of Ile Alatau National Park. A crystal clear mountain river flows through the gorge, and if you are not lazy and go up to the base of the gorge, you will see […]

Big Almaty Peak

One of the popular tourist routes This peak is one of the largest and most attractive peaks of the Northern Tian-Shan slope. On a clear day, it is easily visible from the city – it has the shape of an almost regular pyramid and is the closest of the large peaks of the Almarasan Gorge. […]