• The beginning of the path: Shymbulak
  • Total time: 2-2,5 hour
  • Length to the top: 4.42km
  • Total length: 8km
  • Category: easy trekking
  • The highest point: Shymbulak top (Chymbulachka) – 3540m
  • Overall rise: 1 146m
  • Coordinates of the Chymbulachka top: 43.124041, 77.115827
  • Season: all year round
  • GPS Coordinates of the “Talgar Pass” 43.114831, 77.112179

Scree, non – categorical pass, mastered by the ski resort of Shymbulak, there is developed cable car infrastructure, restaurants, toilets and places of rest. It is located in the Azutau spur, a branch of the Malo(little)-Almaty spur, southwest of the peak of Shymbulak. Connects the Malo(little)-Almaty gorge with the Sauruksai Gorge, the basin of the Left Talgar gorge.

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