For the information of tourists!

Dear residents, visitors and tourists of Almaty, due to opening of tourist routes and mountain trails Trans – Ili Alatau (Frequently visited by tourists: Big Almaty Lake, Ozernoye passes, Passageway,Tuyuk-Su glacier, Big-Almaty peaks, Nursultan, Sovetov, Tourist, Abai, Kumbel peaks) we want to notify and inform you, that the above places are located near the border […]

On May 12, in the Palace of the Republic will take place the brightest event of May  – an event dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Ticketon company!

The program of the evening includes the performance of Kazakh pop stars: – Orda – Miras Zhugunusov – Ninety One Іс-шараның хедлайнері: a-STUDIO (А-студио) жарқын тобы Сыйлық жеңімпаздарының арасында: – «Ninety One» тобы – «Ne prosto orchestra» – Дариға Бадықова – Дәурен Серғазин және тағы басқалар Ең жақсы орындарды таңдаңыз, ең стильді образдарды дайындаңыз, ойыңызды […]

The project “KIDS GO FREE”

Minor air passengers will be able to travel within Kazakhstan free of charge The Kids go free project applies to tours provided by tour operators. Children who have the citizenship of Kazakhstan, or who are stateless persons with the right to permanent residence in the country fly free of charge. From January 1, flights of […]

Places to run in Almaty

Botanical Garden The Botanical Garden is open to the public, which means that jogging in the fresh air will become even more accessible. If you want to feel at one with nature while jogging, then this place is perfect. It is worth noting that the territory of the garden is quite large, so it is […]

How to safely walk in the mountains

The weather in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau can change rapidly. Read the recommendations The pristine beauty of the mountains attracts and attracts not only seasoned tourists, but also novice amateurs. However, you must remember that the mountains do not forgive mistakes, and the danger of death can lie in wait even on the […]

Almaty Marathon 2021

A sports event known throughout Central Asia, the Almaty Marathon, will be held this year on September 26. The year 2021 is unusual not only because mass events are re-entering our lives after the year of the pandemic, but also because the Almaty Marathon turns ten years old this year. The tenth anniversary marathon will […]

Tourist Package

For the convenience of tourists, Visit Almaty has developed a “Tourist Package”, which includes: – Kcell local cellular SIM card (Active Promo + tariff plan 12 GB + 80 min for calls and unlimited social networks); – Onai map for public transport; – tourist map “Almaty in 72 hours” – map of “Walking routes” covering […]

Kazakhstan is an amazing country.

It conceals a considerable number of truly fascinating places, and it seems that it takes a lifetime to see all this beauty with your own eyes. First of all, these are masterpieces created by nature itself – stunning mountain landscapes, transparent reservoirs, mysterious forests untouched by civilization. Along with them, places where the symbiosis of […]

Informal Almaty

There is always some hidden or unknown story behind every city and Almaty also has its own. There exist several areas that are unrevealed even for citizens of Almaty. Bol`shaya Stanica This is a place which is known only for native people of Almaty. Bolshaya Stanica or Almatinskaya Stanica was founded after two years of […]

Italian tourist Michele Squeri visited Almaty

Tourist Michele Squeri visited Almaty A gardener by profession but a traveler in life has traveled almost half the world in 15 years. The next point of his journey around the world was Kazakhstan and the southern capital. It should be noted that Kazakhstan is the first country in Central Asia that he visited. The […]

The road to BAO is temporarily closed

The road to BAO will be closed due to the appearance of washouts and landslides in some areas, which pose a potential danger to all types of transport. Currently, at 16 km. (behind the bridge) JSC “National Company “KazAvtoZhol” installed a barrier, as well as a road sign “Traffic is prohibited”, in order to ensure […]

National parks near Almaty

Have you ever thought about the natural beauty of your country? How it is protected or what it is needed for in our life. The answer to these questions is National Parks. This is a huge “house” on public land reserved for local plants and animals. In addition, national parks are home to many endangered […]