Top 10 places for outdoor activities

Places for active recreation In the City That Never Sleeps, it might be exhausting to always hang out in crowded places or to do things that have already become uninteresting. However, Almaty is super versatile and anyone can find an activity which would lay on his/her soul. If you are adventurous and always willing to […]

Top 10 non-standard destinations

Non-standard destinations Obviously, each country/city has a list of tourist attractions that everyone should visit. However, some places are known only to the natives of the city, and it is those places that are attractive to visitors. Next, you will get acquainted with the top 10 secret and unknown places for travelers. Bestamak Canyon Almost […]

Large-scale events in Almaty

The southern capital is famous for its festivals that gather all residents and guests of the city in one place. Usually at festivals various gastronomic experiments are held, good music is played and all this is the reason for a great pastime with family and friends. And such celebrations include: Vkusnaya Alma-Ata, Arba Wine, FourE, […]

Cultural Almaty

Almaty is considered as a cultural capital of Kazakhstan. And these are not just words, indeed, it is in Almaty that you can find a large concentration of higher educational institutions, an impressive list of theaters and multicultural centers, libraries and museums. South Capital, another name of megalopolis, boasts that different nationalities and religious confessives […]

Top 10 Reasons to visit Almaty

Top 10 Reasons to visit Almaty Each city is famous for its attractions for which you always want to return there again and again. Since Almaty is one of the developing cities of the country, the town attracts tourists for many reasons. The list of the reasons to visit the southern capital is very diverse […]

Top 10 Shopping Malls

Top 10 Shopping Malls What comes first to your mind when you hear the term «big city life»? Definitely there are several words but one of the most important is – shopping mall. Why shopping centers? Because they contain everything a person needs: restaurants, shops, cinemas, spa, gym, cafes etc. So you don’t have to […]

Top 10 bars

Top 10 bars It is widely known to everyone that Almaty is one of the prosperous cities, which is popular not only for its nature and various entertainments, but also for its nightlife. «Almaty never sleeps» is said by the locals as well as the tourists who visit this city. The range of bars, nightclubs […]

10 reasons to spend a weekend in almaty

What do you know about the largest metropolis of Kazakhstan? More than 2 million people live in it, it is located right in the heart of the mountains. Why do you need to go there for the weekend? We will tell you! 1. Nature The nature of Almaty is an amazing and unique range of […]

7 peaks in Almaty: find the fortitude

You can see the city in all its beauty only from one of the 7 peaks that have guarded our city since ancient times. These peaks are the most popular routes for both professional climbers and amateurs. There are both easy and difficult trails. Shymbulachka, Oktyabrenok, Nursultan, Amangeldy, Abay, Molodezhny, Yoshkar-Ola – the seven titans-guardians […]

Top 10 Restaurants

Top 10 Restaurants In the East, it is generally recognized that a woman is the “keeper of the hearth”, which creates a completely comfortable life for family members, and Kazakhstan is no exception in this case. But it is worth noting that currently this phenomenon is changing a little and many prefer to enjoy comfort […]

Top 10 Сultural places in Almaty

Almaty is a city not only for entertainment; it’s also for cultural pastime. In this case, the city offers a lot of entertainment that can surprise every visitor and resident. In addition, Almaty is well known as one of the historical places of Kazakhstan, because the main settlement in its place was founded in the […]

Top 10 places for Hunting and Fishing

Hunting The Tasmuryn hunting farm is located in the eastern part of the Ili district of the Almaty region. The distance from Almaty to the hunting farm is 130-150 km, depending on the hunting area. The hunting area is characterized by a slightly undulating plain with absolute heights from 340-440m. In the eastern part of […]