The City That Never Sleeps

In the City That Never Sleeps, it might be exhausting to always hang out in crowded places or to do things that have already become uninteresting. However, Almaty is super versatile and anyone can find an activity which would lay on his/her soul. If you are adventurous and always willing to experience new emotions, this article is meant to satisfy you and your internal extreme.

Almaty is hundreds of recreation options

As Almaty is a big metropolis, the range of various activities is wide. You can try different types of them: paragliding, rope jumping, rafting, trap shooting, skydiving, hunting, fishing, paintball, karting, hiking etc.


Mountaineering as a state of mind People fall in love with mountains at first sight and for life. Being in a city with such beautiful mountain gorges and peaks, it is simply unnatural to never feel the desire to climb to the very top of the mountain and look around from it. In the immediate […]

SUP Almaty

SUP-SURFING WITH A PADDLE ALMATY 🚀 We are putting on SUP boards since 2019We teach rowing standing on a board and conduct:🔹SUP walks on May Day ponds and Lake Sairan🔹SUP river trips Or (weekend tour)🔹SUP corporate parties/birthdays🔹SUP rental/equipment rentalWe approach each walk not only from a professional point of view, observing all safety rules and […]

Summer season on Medeu

Skating on the famous Medeu is now possible all year round. In the summer of 2022, an indoor ice skating rink opened here. Ticket prices are lower than in the winter season. The total area of the summer rink is 450 sq. m. It occupies a small part of the arena. The tent protects the […]

Ray Pool club

Farm house offers cozy houses, a wine shop, a greenhouse, baths, swimming pools and a farm «Ray Pool club» is an entertainment complex with a swimming pool located on a beautifully decorated territory with a total area of 2 hectares. The 700 sq.m pool has an unusual shape and is filled with incredibly clean water.

Antalya pool

Antalya is a pleasant vacation for the whole family! Relax on the summer pool with sun loungers, it’s located just 10 minutes from the city center. Heated pools — you can not be afraid for the health of children, and adults can relax in the cedar bath. You can also eat here — Oriental and […]

Almaty Resort Pool

The health and wellness complex offers its guests cozy rooms, cafes, SPA capsules, swimming pools and a salt mine.

Ice skating

Absolute love for skates This is the favorite winter entertainment of all Almaty residents. Although why only winter? In the Mega shopping center on Rozybakieva street, the skating rink is open even in the summer, which allows citizens to enjoy sliding on ice even in the 30-degree heat! Almaty residents ride in pairs and families, […]

Garden pool

Garden pool There are 2 swimming pools on the territory. Adult’s depth 165cm, children’s depth 1m; trestles, Georgian and European cuisines, showers, changing rooms, canopy area and sun beds.

Delight Pool Dayclub

Delight Pool Dayclub is located in the city center (Southern part of the park named after. Gorky), but the territory is isolated by dense vegetation. Total area of the club – 4300 square meters, pool’s area – 1200 square meters. In stock: vip-zones for private parties, free parking, showers, neat changing booths, fresh towels, tents, […]


There is one shared swimming pool on the recreation area with a depth of 1.50 – 1.80 m. Children’s pool with a depth of 0,5m. Besides, there are also bungalows, comfortable beds and sun beds.

Heaven Chillout Pool

There is on the swimming pool territory salt sauna, that have a lot of useful properties for skin such as for respiratory system. Pool dimensions: 22 m x 10 m; depth starts at 1.6m and reaches 2.8 m. The pool is divided into 3 lanes.