The City That Never Sleeps

In the City That Never Sleeps, it might be exhausting to always hang out in crowded places or to do things that have already become uninteresting. However, Almaty is super versatile and anyone can find an activity which would lay on his/her soul. If you are adventurous and always willing to experience new emotions, this article is meant to satisfy you and your internal extreme.

Almaty is hundreds of recreation options

As Almaty is a big metropolis, the range of various activities is wide. You can try different types of them: paragliding, rope jumping, rafting, trap shooting, skydiving, hunting, fishing, paintball, karting, hiking etc.

The ethno-village «The Huns»

The ethno-village «The Huns» is located 35 km from Almaty in the Novokamenny Gorge. The recreation center can be called a time machine that will take you into the past, into the world of nomads and help you learn more about their life and customs. The ethno-village has everything for comfortable and interesting pastime, local […]

Ethno-village «Topzhargan»

Small architectural forms – landscape architectural facilities, equipment and artistic and decorative elements, which have their own simple functions, complement the overall composition of the ethno-locality. Ethno-village «Topzhargan» provides: rent of yurt archery horse riding national games national attires

Hot springs «Alma-Arasan»

Alma-Arasan Sulfur thermal-radon springs are located near Almaty, in the Prohodnoy gorge and are available for visiting all year round. On the territory of the health zone there are several barrels with healing water, a sports ground, a gazebo and a dressing room. Everyone can come to the wellness area at any time of the […]

Ethno-village «Tumar»

The ethno-village «Tumar» is located in the tract of the Batan – Turgen gorge. The healing air of the Tian-Shan Mountains – the aroma of mighty spruce trees, the freshness of rivers, home-style cooking and saumal will give health and strength of spirit, which our nomadic ancestors had. Here everyone will find something to their […]

Cycling trips

Bicycle Almaty Cycling is the most popular summer sport. The Akimat of Almaty supports this sport, so the whole city is equipped with special bike paths. The largest one is located along street Abay, and the smaller ones are scattered by small vessels throughout the city. It is especially convenient to ride in large parks, […]

Bench shooting

Haunter with a big heart Entertainment is ideal for those who combine the indomitable spirit of the hunter and love of animals. Here you can practice your accuracy, let off steam and get rid of everyday stress, get a charge of light energy, and just enjoy yourself with a professional weapon that was made for […]

Park Resort «Eight Lakes»

Thermal springs A unique hot spring was discovered on the territory of the complex in the spring of 2016 and the results obtained on the composition of water exceeded all expectations. The hot spring contains many rare and useful minerals for the body like selenium, sodium, magnesium, iron and is ultra soft, which allows water […]


Extremal, but not really Rafting is a type of extremal entertainment, the main idea of this is to swim along theflow of mountain rivers on inflatable boats, called rafts. Although, the extremity ofentertainment is actually quite relative and depends on the selected route. Even smallchildren can be on rivers with minimal difficulty (of course, accompanied […]


Almaty Dolphinarium Dolphins For those townspeople, who were not lucky enough to visit the real sea, a piece of the world ocean was brought directly to Almaty, along with salt water and charming marine fauna by dolphins, fur seals and a sea lioness. Smart animals are incredibly talented, they know a huge number of tricks […]

Equestrian walks

Horse in kazakh culture Horse is a sacred animal for kazakhs. Some scientists think that the first domestication of wild horses began just on the territory of modern Kazakhstan. Beautiful horses are the main part of art, symbolism, musical and ethnic areas of kazakh people. Rites of “initiation” of men are connected with horses, they […]

Air tours

Where no person has been The beauties of Almaty begin to open up to tourists even before their plane lands: a stunning view from above of the snowy peaks of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains makes every guest of our beautiful city fall in love with himself. But an ordinary flight is always not enough, because […]

«Pervomaisky Ponds» Active Recreation Park

Pervomaisky Ponds The Pervomaisky Ponds Active Recreation Park is an ideal place for friendly and family leisure, celebrations and family events (weddings, birthdays), corporate events and working sessions (conferences, trainings, team building), combined with nature and entertainment recreation at affordable prices and high service level. Each guest will find an opportunity to relax according to […]