The City That Never Sleeps

In the City That Never Sleeps, it might be exhausting to always hang out in crowded places or to do things that have already become uninteresting. However, Almaty is super versatile and anyone can find an activity which would lay on his/her soul. If you are adventurous and always willing to experience new emotions, this article is meant to satisfy you and your internal extreme.

Almaty is hundreds of recreation options

As Almaty is a big metropolis, the range of various activities is wide. You can try different types of them: paragliding, rope jumping, rafting, trap shooting, skydiving, hunting, fishing, paintball, karting, hiking etc.

Gorilla Zipline and Rope Jumping

What is Gorilla Zipline? The Gorilla Zipline is a high-speed descent on a tight rope! You will make a dizzying flight in special equipment attached to a cable. What is Gorilla Rope Jump? Аттракцион Rope Jumping — это Rope Jumping is a free flight from a height using insurance! You will make a dizzying jump […]


Hiking in the mountains is the favorite form of entertainment of city residents. You will not find a single Almaty citizen who’s never gone to the mountains. Although many complain that they get out into nature less often than they would like. There are thousands of routes of very different complexity for people with different […]


The only project in the whole CIS What makes Almaty beautiful is its versatility. In the morning you can ride a horse across the steppes, and after lunch you can go to the professional track to speed in the latest sports car. Autodrome – “Sokol” is the only professional sports and technical complex in Kazakhstan […]

Rope Jumping

The free flight delight This is a kind of extreme entertainment where people jump from tall objects and for a few seconds are in free fall, after which they hang on a special professional climbing insurance. Jumps are available for people with a strong nervous system, ages from 18 to 60 years. This type of […]


Reckless downhiller guys This is a downhill bike ride down the mountain. To decide to do it, you need to have a sufficient amount of “cycling experience”, have a well-trained “iron horse” and preferably a person who can help get to the city and provide first aid in case of a fall. This entertainment is […]

Trolley Park

The largest park in Asia On the territory of the Forest Fairy Tale resort, known to all Almaty residents, there is a stunning attraction – the largest in Asia and the third largest in the world trolley park “Spirit of Tien Shan”. It consists of 7 tracks, the total length of which is about 3 […]

Buggy and quad bikes

The world of adrenaline and off-road adventures Freedom of wheels begins where the roads end! And there’s a great entertainment that will allow you to become real kings of off-road – buggy walks and quad bikes. Race through the mud or just quietly ride enjoying the stunning scenery – the choice is yours, but these […]


Like a bird in the sky Feel like a bird hovering in the sky, flying over the enchanting mountain landscapes, gliding through ascending and descending wind flows – all of this will leave unforgettable memories and reveal invisible wings behind your back. Average flight lasts from 10 to 20 minutes. Overcome the fear of heights […]