Show age-old traditions Sandyk is the original Kazakh name of a unique household item, one of the oldest types of furniture, in which precious products for each family were stored and transported. The purpose of our restaurant with the same name “Sandyk” is to show the age–old traditions in cooking, food, hospitality in general, and […]

Restaurant Club “Tau – Mergen”

The restaurant-club of oriental cuisine “Tau – Mergen” is a unique place where you can join the intricacies of oriental cuisine in the bosom of picturesque nature with clean mountain air.


Restaurant of traditional Kazakh, Uighur, Uzbek cuisine with a large terrace and a shady garden, irrigation ditches and fountains.

Tea house “Navat”

A classic teahouse based on Central Asian dishes and traditional oriental tea drinking with sweets.

TAL Cafe&Restaurant

Traditional dishes of Europe and Central Asia in the concept of “Halal” On the territory of the restaurant there is a market area with fresh vegetables and products.

Sydyk Restaurant

The restaurant is based on classic Kazakh cuisine.

Tarih Restaurant

A restaurant of non-traditional Kazakh cuisine based on ancient recipes. On the basis of familiar Kazakh products, guests are offered author’s dishes of new times.

INZHU Restaurant

INZHU is a restaurant where visitors are offered to appreciate exquisite dishes of European and Mediterranean cuisine. Wine lovers will be pleased with a wide range of drinks, and a professional sommelier will help you decide on a choice. The establishment offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the city. It’s nice to start the day […]

Restaurant Museum «БЕШiktas»

Restaurant Museum Beshiktas is not only a restaurant, but also a museum where the atmosphere of caravanserai is recreated. The collection of antique household items of the XVIII-XIX centuries allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people. The restaurant’s menu is based on traditional dishes prepared […]

Ethno-cafe “Zhailau”

With respect for tradition Restaurant complex “Ethno-café Zhailau” is a space where traditions are honored and modernity is felt. Ethno Cafe “Zhailau” offers delicious Kazakh and Oriental cuisines, attentive service and beautiful halls in the national Kazakh style. On the territory you can find: tents, a Kazakh yurt, a children’s playground with a trampoline and […]

“Alasha” Restaurant

Khan’s Palace Restaurant “Alasha” was built in the image of the Khan’s Palace and is designed in the Oriental style: carved doors and columns skillfully made by skillful hands of hardworking masters and being exact copies of the palace; Khan’s room, designed in a palace style with modern elements, Hookah room in which you will […]

Restaurant “Abay”

Beautiful view of the city National Kazakh Restaurant “Abay” is located on the mountain “Kok Tobe”, in one of the most beautiful and amazing places in the city, at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, with a beautiful view of Almaty and the snow-capped peaks of mountains. The restaurant hall is designed in […]