«Health Path» Terrenkur is the Almaty «Health Path», which was built in 1974 and runs parallel to Tattimbet Street and Dostyk Avenue. Terrenkur is located in the eastern part of Almaty and rushes from the city center to the foothills. The length of the health path is 4.5 kilometers, its highest point is 1060 meters, […]

First President’s Park

The largest park of the city The territory of the park is 73 hectares of plantings. More than 11 thousand trees and shrubs, flowers and herbs are stunning in their diversity. Traditional oak alleys and an exotic “Japanese Garden”, flower beds and lawns where you can sit and have a picnic – the park has […]

Kok Tobe

Beloved symbol of the city Kok Tobe Park is a popular place for romantic dates and family walks. It is located on the peak of the “Kok Tobe” mountain at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level. From the city center, you can reach it in just 10 minutes by car, but it is […]

Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen

In memory of the fallen heroes The park is named after the Panfilov Division, 28 hero soldiers who single-handedly stopped the advance of fascist tanks on Moscow during the Second World War. The words of the permanent political instructor of the division Vasily Klochkov: “Russia is vast, but there is nowhere to retreat. Moscow is […]

Panfilov Pedestrian Street

Historical background Panfilova Street was formed in the second half of the 19th century as a meridional crossing the center of the city of Verny from north to south, and then it housed: a military cathedral, artillery barracks, small officials, merchants, and wealthy artisans settled. The street was considered second-rate, adjacent to the center where […]


Historical reference From the mid-19th century, this street was one of the key places in the life of the city of Verny. In Soviet times, it was Arbat that was the center of youth meetings, the heart of all city events and the favorite leisure zone for weekends. After turning the Panfilov street into the […]

Central Park

The citizens’ favorite leisure place The main city amusement park, water park, dolphinarium, dinopark, boating – in this park, it’s hard to get bored even if you want to. In the middle of the central lake, on the island, there is a restaurant that you can take a boat to or stroll along the lovely […]

Botanical Garden

All roads lead to the garden How to find yourself in the silence of the wild, without leaving the city center? Located on Timiryazev’s large street, the garden will open doors for you to 108 hectares of real pine groves, spruce forests, oak and birch avenues, lilac thickets and other plants from around the world. […]

Astana Square

In the center of Almaty, in a small space surrounding the perimeter of the current Astana Square, there are a number of buildings that can help to get an idea of how the unique architectural appearance of the metropolis was born. Soon after the capital of Kazakhstan was moved from Kyzyl-Orda to Alma-Ata, in the […]

“FAMILY” park

Family Park is one of the largest parks in Almaty and a favorite place of most residents of the city. As soon as you cross the threshold of the park, you will definitely want to stay here longer. Ferris wheel, carousels, roller coasters and many other attractions will become a real fairy tale for children, […]

Baum’s Bosk

Baum’s Bosk is a forest park, an artificial green area located in the northern part of Almaty between Seifulin and Suyunbai Avenues. Laid in 1894 on an area of 150 hectares. In 2016, the bosk was included in the list of Specially Protected Natural Territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Eduard Baum was a forestry […]