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Learn more about the history and architecture of the city

Art Gallery ALMA-ATA

Art Gallery ALMA-ATA Each creation of the artist is unique, each painting has a piece of the soul of its creator. Each of the presented authors is brilliant in his own way, each work is unique. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the paintings and get inexhaustible inspiration. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of […]


«BonArt» is a gallery of paintings and antiques in Almaty. Sale of Kazakh, Russian and Western European paintings by museum-level schools. In Almaty, you can buy oil paintings and Vintage paintings by contemporary artists at a realistic and attractive price. At the BonArt gallery, you can not only buy paintings for your collection, decorate your […]


ART LANE is a creative space that simultaneously houses an art gallery and a city cafe. The gallery hosts exhibitions of contemporary artists of Kazakhstan and foreign artists, whose works you can purchase. Also in Art Lane there is a library area where you can hold meetings with friends and partners.

Central Mosque

The main mosque of the city In Kazakhstan, islam is the main religion that has been recognized by the Kazakh people for more than a thousand years. In our city there are more than 20 mosques, but it is precisely the Zhuma mosque located on Pushkin Street that is considered central. The building was built […]

Alma Museum

The capital of apples You probably already know that the city of Almaty was called Alma-Ata before, which means “Father of apples”. Because of that it’s clear where Almaty gets such a reverent attitude to this fruit. Any resident of the city over 50 years old will spend hours talking about what a stunning aport […]

Astana Square

In the center of Almaty, in a small space surrounding the perimeter of the current Astana Square, there are a number of buildings that can help to get an idea of how the unique architectural appearance of the metropolis was born. Soon after the capital of Kazakhstan was moved from Kyzyl-Orda to Alma-Ata, in the […]

“FAMILY” park

Family Park is one of the largest parks in Almaty and a favorite place of most residents of the city. As soon as you cross the threshold of the park, you will definitely want to stay here longer. Ferris wheel, carousels, roller coasters and many other attractions will become a real fairy tale for children, […]

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

In 1993, with the blessing of Archbishop Alexy, a new church community was organized in the village of Akbulak. In the same year, the Orthodox parish of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in honor of the Nativity of Christ was officially registered there. A small church was also erected, in which memorial services are […]

Saint Kazan Cathedral

The cathedral in honor of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God was erected from the materials of the St. Sophia Church, by transferring the building from the Bolshaya Village to Malaya one in 1864. It was commemorated in the founding of the Almaty settlements (June 8, 1855) and the victory over the Kokandans […]

St. Nicholas Cathedral

Vernyi In 1904, residents of the southwestern part of the city of Vernoye, an area that was called Kuchuguri at that time, appealed to the Bishop of Turkestan and Tashkent Paisii with a request to give permission to find funds and collect donations for the construction of a church on Zubovskaya Square in this part […]

The Baiken Mosque

On December 5, 2014 in Almaty, the opening of the new Baiken Mosque took place at the intersection of Rozybakiev and Zhandosov Streets. The mosque was named after the statesman of the Kazakh SSR Baiken Ashimov. One of the mosques in Kazakhstan, it is considered to be the most consistent with the canons of Islamic […]

Vainakh Мosque

“Vainakh” mosque The mosque was built in 2004 in a semi-traditional Islamic style, built in stone in the forms of late classicism. The mosque is made in white, and the windows and stained glass windows are a separate composition that gives the mosque an even more majestic appearance. It traditionally has one minaret, from which […]