Museums of the beautiful city of Almaty.

It is a fascinating world of cultural and spiritual heritage.

Literary and Memorial Museum Complex of Sabit Mukanov and Gabit Musrepov

The State Literary and Memorial Museum Complex of Sabit Mukanov and Gabit Musrepov was established on February 8, 1999 on the basis of two existing museums of S. Mukanov (opened on November 21, 1978) and G. Musrepov (opened in May 1987). The initiator of the creation, founder and first director of the literary and memorial […]

Art Gallery ALMA-ATA

Art Gallery ALMA-ATA Each creation of the artist is unique, each painting has a piece of the soul of its creator. Each of the presented authors is brilliant in his own way, each work is unique. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the paintings and get inexhaustible inspiration. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of […]


«BonArt» is a gallery of paintings and antiques in Almaty. Sale of Kazakh, Russian and Western European paintings by museum-level schools. In Almaty, you can buy oil paintings and Vintage paintings by contemporary artists at a realistic and attractive price. At the BonArt gallery, you can not only buy paintings for your collection, decorate your […]


ART LANE is a creative space that simultaneously houses an art gallery and a city cafe. The gallery hosts exhibitions of contemporary artists of Kazakhstan and foreign artists, whose works you can purchase. Also in Art Lane there is a library area where you can hold meetings with friends and partners.

Kunaev Museum

The Museum of Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich Kunaev is one of the most visited museums in Almaty, and therefore in Kazakhstan. The purpose and task of the museum is to cherish the memory of Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich Kunaev. The museum is based on original documents, materials, personal belongings related to the life of an outstanding statesman, telling about […]

House-museum of D.A. Kunaev

The growing interest in the personality of Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich was one of the reasons that in the year of his 100th birthday, in January 2012 was opened a Memorial house-museum in the house where he lived. Here visitors can get acquainted with the life and everyday life of this great man from the other side. […]

Alma Museum

The capital of apples You probably already know that the city of Almaty was called Alma-Ata before, which means “Father of apples”. Because of that it’s clear where Almaty gets such a reverent attitude to this fruit. Any resident of the city over 50 years old will spend hours talking about what a stunning aport […]

Museum of Almaty

Museum of Almaty was founded in 2002 in the building of the former Vernenskiy orphan home. The history of Almaty city is stored in 11 room: here you can discover various eras of the Southern capital for yourself: “Ancient history of Almaty”, “Medieval history of Almaty”, “At the origins of Kazakh state system”, “Vernenskiy period […]

House museum of Ahmet Baitursynuly

Ahmet Baitursynov and his family lived in the Zubov house in 1934–1937. After the rehabilitation of the former Alash Orda government in 1988, the house was recognized as a historical and architectural monument and in 1993 a memorial house-museum was opened. House museum of XX century’s great reformer, public activist and statesman, scientist and linguist, poet and translator, scholar […]

Museum of Archeology

The Museum of Archeology is a cultural division of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan. The museum is located in the scientific-museum complex «Gylym Ordasy». It is the only one of its kind on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

State Museum of Art named after A. Kasteev

Cultural heart of the city Today, the State Museum of Art is the largest art museum in Kazakhstan and a research center in the field of visual arts. The name of the famous Soviet artist Abylkhan Kasteev was given to the museum only in 1984, and a monument to the painter that is welcoming guests […]

Museum of History of Almaty

Born of a big heart Almaty residents love their city so much that they even built a museum in its honor! Everything is interesting in it, from the building itself, which used to be a Vernensky orphanage, to a diverse exposition demonstrating the history of the southern capital from antiquity to the present day. There […]