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Popular and most interesting sights of Almaty.

Hotel «Kazakhstan»

Cityscape Business Card This building has been on all postcards with landscapes of the city for more than 30 years now. The facade of the building is a classic example of the Soviet modernity, and it is crowned with a real crown – a symbol of nobility and dignity. The hotel first opened its doors […]

Big Almaty Lake

A heart-stealing place Big Almaty Lake, or BAO for short, is a picturesque lake 20 kilometers from Almaty. The reservoir is located near the state border of Kyrgyzstan, however, special passes are not required to visit – and millions of tourists who have visited here are the best confirmation of this. BAO is hidden in […]

Kolsai Lakes

Precious stones among mountain valleys The “Pearl of the Tien Shan”, Kolsai Lakes, are located 300 km from Almaty, in the spurs of the Kungei-Alatau ridge. It is also called Kazakh Switzerland. These are three most beautiful mountain lakes surrounded by steep mountain slopes. The lakes are located at different heights and form a kind […]

Kaindy Lake

The beauty of sunken trees Lake Kaindy (Kaiyndy), located in the Tien Shan mountain system at an altitude of about 1900 meters above sea level, is a natural landmark of Kazakhstan. It was formed in January 1911 after a strong earthquake, which resulted in a mountain collapse that blocked the river – and the valley […]

Charyn canyon

The younger brother of the canyon in Colorado It is often compared to the American Grand Canyon, to which Charyn is only slightly inferior in size and not at all in beauty. The total length of the canyon is 154 kilometers, and its age is about 12 million years. The river of the same name […]

State Natural Park «Altyn Emel»

One of the best parks of the Republic The park is located in the valley of the Ili River and is considered one of the foremost parks of the republic, especially in the field of protection of natural wonders, flora and fauna, as well as in the organization of tourist activities and nature recreation. «Altyn […]

Medeu Alpine Skating Rink

The most high-altitude skating rink in the world The “Medeo” complex is located on the border of the city of Almaty at an altitude of 1691 meters above sea level. Beautiful views of the tops of the Zailiysky Ala Tau mountains, clean air, soft sun – Almaty residents of all ages and occupations love to […]

First President’s Park

The largest park of the city The territory of the park is 73 hectares of plantings. More than 11 thousand trees and shrubs, flowers and herbs are stunning in their diversity. Traditional oak alleys and an exotic “Japanese Garden”, flower beds and lawns where you can sit and have a picnic – the park has […]

Ascension Cathedral

The building “without a single nail” The absence of nails in the building is, of course, a legend, but many building technologies have actually been tested on it for the first time. For example, reinforced concrete structures, wood preservatives, and forced-air and exhaust ventilation systems. But the biggest innovation of that time was the construction […]

Kok Tobe

Beloved symbol of the city Kok Tobe Park is a popular place for romantic dates and family walks. It is located on the peak of the “Kok Tobe” mountain at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level. From the city center, you can reach it in just 10 minutes by car, but it is […]

Shymbulak ski resort

3200 meters above sea level “Shymbulak” ski resort is unique in its location – in just 1 hour, you can get from Almaty city center to its highest point and drink coffee in the highest bar in the CIS. Here you can find snow even in the 30-degree summer heat. In summer, the average air […]

Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen

In memory of the fallen heroes The park is named after the Panfilov Division, 28 hero soldiers who single-handedly stopped the advance of fascist tanks on Moscow during the Second World War. The words of the permanent political instructor of the division Vasily Klochkov: “Russia is vast, but there is nowhere to retreat. Moscow is […]