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Popular and most interesting sights of Almaty.

Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen

In memory of the fallen heroes The park is named after the Panfilov Division, 28 hero soldiers who single-handedly stopped the advance of fascist tanks on Moscow during the Second World War. The words of the permanent political instructor of the division Vasily Klochkov: “Russia is vast, but there is nowhere to retreat. Moscow is […]

Almaty Metro

Almaty Metro Almaty Metro is an off-street high-speed rail transport system in Almaty.The first and only one in Kazakhstan, the second in Central Asia (after Tashkent) and the sixteenth and last (as of May 2019) on the territory of the former USSR. Opened December 1, 2011. On the first day, December 1, 2011, 11,000 passengers […]

City “Nomads”

An overly realistic decoration This place was built as a decoration for the film “Nomad”, which was released in 2005. But you will be surprised by how organically it fits into the surrounding landscape. Now this city is often called the “Nomad Fortress”, and thousands of tourists flock to this tourist site every year. It […]

State Natural Park “Altyn Emel”

One of the best parks of the Republic The park is located in the valley of the Ili River and is considered one of the foremost parks of the republic, especially in the field of protection of natural wonders, flora and fauna, as well as in the organization of tourist activities and nature recreation. “Altyn-Emel”, […]

Kolsai Lakes

Precious stones among mountain valleys Among the snow-white mountain peaks, where the Zailiysky Alatau and Kungei-Alatau ridges join, in a small bridge of Kolsai gorge, there are hidden natural diamonds of the nature of picturesque Kazakhstan – Kolsai Lakes. Surrounded by majestic centuries-old fir trees, the three lakes shine in the light of the bright […]

Kaindy Lake

The beauty of sunken trees The Kaindy lake of unearthly beauty is located among the mountain landscapes of the majestic gorges of the Kungei-Alatau, behind one of the winding turns of the road, 11 kilometers from the village of Saty. Located at an altitude of 1,667 meters above sea level, the lake isn’t of significant […]

Charyn canyon

The younger brother of the canyon in Colorado It is often compared to the American Grand Canyon, to which Charyn is only slightly inferior in size and not at all in beauty. The total length of the canyon is 154 kilometers, and its age is about 12 million years. Еhe river of the same name […]

Panfilov Pedestrian Street

Historical background Panfilova Street was formed in the second half of the 19th century as a meridional crossing the center of the city of Verny from north to south, and then it housed: a military cathedral, artillery barracks, small officials, merchants, and wealthy artisans settled. The street was considered second-rate, adjacent to the center where […]

Big Almaty Lake

A heart-stealing place The lake of bewitching beauty is located among the picturesque mountains of the Tien Shan at an altitude of over 2500 meters at sea level. Scientists suggest that a beautiful body of water is the trail of an earthquake that struck the area thousands of years ago. Just 15 km from the […]

Republic Square

Republic Square is located in Almaty, between Dostyk Avenue and Zheltoksan Street. History reference The square was opened in 1975, in 1980 officially as the main square of the capital of Kazakhstan; it served as a venue for mass demonstrations, celebrations, holidays, military parades, and festivities. This is the largest square in the city; its […]

House of textile Kyzyl Tan

Classic building of the Vernensky period This building is an amazing example of architecture from the middle of the XIX century. Its architect was P. V. Gurde, the creator of many famous urban buildings of that era. The project was made in the neo-Russian style: patterned shutters, a symmetrical composition of the facade, a dome […]


A place for pleasant walks You can spend the whole day at the territory of the Atakent Business Cooperation Center. Walks in a pleasant park area, playgrounds, fountains, water park, trampoline park, restaurants, Atakent Mall and Gallery shopping centers, Karkara bazaar – entertainment for every taste and walks in the fresh air give you a […]