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Start your trip around Almaty city with Visit Center Almaty

  • From 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. without breaks and weekends
  • Bogenbai Batyr str., 81/36
  • +7 727 293 86 17
Visit Center Almaty is the tourist information headquarters of the city and the place from where any journey begins in Almaty. A resident or guest of the city may find here full information on the categories:
Visa information

We will tell you where to apply for visa issues, will call the correct department, if you need to translate information into your language, print out the necessary documents

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Everything about hotels, hostels, rented apartments. Our employees will recommend you options based on your budget, wishes and special conditions. For example, what to do if you are traveling with your pet or have any physical disabilities.

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Everything about restaurants, canteens, fast food and delivery. Here you will be prompted about the right place for your case, given the budget, time, place and preferences.

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We will tell about everything that is worthy of attention in the city: museums, theaters, parks, walking scenic streets, secret cafes and bars, nooks for watching the stars. Come for information from the townspeople, which the guidebooks will not show.

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In addition, in the Visit Center Almaty you will get:
Even a free city tour
Event calendar for the year
Illustrated materials about the city
SIM card

Open the application on your phone to scan the code

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