Tuyuksu Gate

The main points on the way

Gateway is a section of the gorge of Malaya Almatinka, located above the famous ski resort Shymbulak. Usually, tourists climb the lifts to "Chim" and only then go up the road. The gates are located above Alpengrad and the memorial to the “Fallen mountaineers”, halfway to the Myknzylka dam. From this path people make an ascent to the Abay Peak and the rock gendarme Oktyabrenok.

Neighboring famous "Bastions"

The gate got its name thanks to two rocky outcrops located on the right and left banks of the cliffs. They create a semblance of a visual effect resembling a gate leaf. Strongly “torn” rocks around the gate are called “bastions”. On the opposite side of the Bastions of the gorge one can see an ancient glacier called the “Ram's foreheads”. Bastions often become a platform for amateur and professional time climbing competitions.

Discovering unforgettable panoramas

Tuyuksu Gates - this is the narrowest part of the gorge, they are approximately in the middle part of it. Standing in this place, you can clearly see the river bed, disfigured by the mudflow of 1973. Behind the gate you can see the stunning beauty of a coniferous forest of centuries-old fir trees, high-alpine "Alpine" meadows, moraines, rocks and glaciers.


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