Kolsai Lakes

Precious stones among mountain valleys

Among the snow-white mountain peaks, where the Zailiysky Alatau and Kungei-Alatau ridges join, in a small bridge of Kolsai gorge, there are hidden natural diamonds of the nature of picturesque Kazakhstan - Kolsai Lakes. Surrounded by majestic centuries-old fir trees, the three lakes shine in the light of the bright mountain sun, completely justifying their title "Pearl of the Northern Tien Shan".

Kolsay lakes are very deep, in some places the depth reaches 80 meters. In summer, the water temperature is not higher than 6-8 degrees.

Each of the lakes has its own spirit

Each of the lakes is slightly different from the others, while maintaining the unique spirit of its natural ensemble. The Lake Saty is the first one to meet tourists. Its depth is 80 meters, and its length is about 400. The second lake is Mynzhigly, which is higher by half a kilometer, with a narrow winding path leading to it. It is the largest of the three brothers, and the most picturesque, located in the seclusion of alpine landscapes. Lake Upper Kolsai is the smallest and high-mountainous and charming with the proximity of sheer rocky peaks.


Amazing colors of nature

The water in the lakes constantly changes its color, depending on how the rays of the sun fall on it. From gently blue to richly emerald green, as if the surrounding fir trees gave all their best colors to the lake. Fancy thickets of local flora are scattered around the lakes - from small snow-white stars of edelweiss to noble maroon-red bushes and oddly bent deciduous trees mixed with serious Tien Shan firs.


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