Furmanov Peak

The simplest Almaty

It is the most popular tourist peak. Its height is only 3200 meters, there is zero avalanche danger along the route and the ascent does not require serious physical training and special equipment. Stunning views will fascinate you all the way to the top, and the feeling that you’ll have while standing on the conquered summit cannot be described by any words.

Winged swing

If you climbed to the peak and did not make a beautiful photo of your flight on a swing over the abyss – then the trip was surely in vain! This, of course, a joke, but the swing is really worth a ride. Magical impressions of the flight will be mixed with the majestic landscapes of the mountains and will leave you with exciting memories and photos in social networks.

Pyramids of happy desires

There is a belief that if you climb a mountain, make a wish, take a stone from the mountain and put it on the pyramid without collapsing it, then the wish will come true! During the whole route the river will flow nearby, so you don’t have to stock up on large amounts of drinking water on the road. From the top, there is a stunning view of the city from one side and the snow-covered peaks of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains from the other.

Маршрут начинается от Медео и проходит по хребту по левую сторону от ущелья Ким-Асар. От катка «Медеу» спуститесь чуть ниже остановки и сворачивайте направо в сторону Qazaq Aul. Идем вверх по Ким-Асарскому ущелью. Дорога первое время будет асфальтированная, но как только вы пройдете заброшенные строения, то асфальт закончиться. Пересекаем реку, чуть дальше снова мост, пересекаем реку и идем направо. Дальше можно будет подняться по указателям, дорого одна.


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