Climbing as a state of mind

The mountains are a love at first sight and for life. Being in a city with such beautiful mountain gorges and peaks, it is simply unnatural to never feel the desire to get to the very top of the mountain and look at the neighboring areas from the peak. In the near availability are the peaks of varying difficulty: from those that even children can conquer, to those requiring serious physical training.

All the rocks are at your disposal

Almaty is a paradise for climbers. It is easy to get any necessary equipment in the city, there are many professional and amateur clubs that regularly make the ascent, so finding a company will not be difficult. If you have never been involved in mountaineering - you can first practice on one of the professional climbing walls.

Special kind of people

Mountaineering in Almaty is a special culture, tender love in the heart and mysterious stories about climber friends who saw incredible things in the mountains. There are many legends in the city and often ordinary tourists say that they saw mysterious shadows in the mountains or heard the voices of climbers who passed away. Of course, this sport is not for the faint of heart, but you can be confident about people who have given their souls to the mountains like you are about the huge stone monoliths themselves.

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