Furmanov Peak

Famous tourist spot

There is no peak on the outskirts of Almaty more popular than “Furmanovka,” as Almaty residents call it. The popularity of the mountain is provided by several factors: a small height (only 3200 meters above sea level), low avalanche danger and ascent that does not require serious physical training and is accessible even to children and dogs. And of course, a stunning view from the peak.

Those very swings

Although, to be completely honest, half of the people come to the peak to ride and take pictures on the famous swing. Flying over the abyss is beautiful and full of exciting emotions, and awesome photos will bring a squall of likes and positive comments on social networks. Of course, it is worth going all this way for the sake of this.

A long way for the high goal

On the way to the peak, an experienced guide will tell you the history of these places and tell the ancient legends associated with this area. Several times along the way you will make a stop, during which you will enjoy a tasty lunch and calmly admire the beauty of the surrounding nature. The most stunning view, of course, opens from the top of the peak itself.



  • Trekking boots
  • Thermo underwear


  • Bring at least 2 liters of water with you
  • Some snacks to eat
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