Made with soul

The Ademi-Ai Company was established in 2000. This is a company that has introduced the technology of gilding for the first time in Kazakhstan. Today, branches of the company have been opened in every region of Kazakhstan, and close cooperation has been established with government agencies, private enterprises and companies. At the same time, the Ademi-Ai company is the leader in the souvenir market of Kazakhstan. Our goal is to revive the ancient cultural heritage of the Kazakh people, and their use for the benefit of society. To breathe life into the forgotten antiquity by writing words of wishes and blessings on souvenirs, as well as the popular expressions of our people, thus opening the world to the rich and peculiar, unique Kazakh soul.

A new form of history

The birth of deep ideas, the creation of new forms of national souvenirs, contributing to the wide dissemination of the heritage of Kazakh culture. The discovery of new facets of our national heritage, folk art and culture. The company's strategic plan is the production of high-quality souvenirs with a national and any other theme. Creating an original design, to provide services at the highest level; Satisfaction of interests and wishes of the customer. A wide variety of souvenirs, comprehensive services, a favorable atmosphere, an acceptable pricing policy, high quality and the introduction of new modern technologies are the basis of the strategic plan of Ademi-Ai.


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