Kazakhstan Hotel

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"Kazakhstan Hotel" is a unique historical monument of the metropolis of Almaty, a treasure of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A sample of monumental, reliable Soviet architecture. Hotel Kazakhstan is one of the few hotels in the world that has become an integral part of the city.

Beautiful and safe

The construction of the first skyscraper in an earthquake-prone Alma-Ata was completed in 1977. Without decreasing the merits of new constructions, Almaty architects unconditionally recognize that today the Hotel "Kazakhstan" remains the most earthquake-proof and high-rise building in the southern capital. From the windows of the hotel, a magnificent panorama of the snowy peaks of Zailiysky Alatau is visible. The hotel is located in the ecologically clean area that’s the heart of the business and administrative center of Almaty.



+7 (727) 291 96 00 +7 (727) 291 91 01

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24,000 tenge

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