Hot air balloon flight

Flight route

Hot air balloon rides are an unusual entertainment. It’s incredibly romantic and it’s full of extraordinary emotions. In general, the flight lasts about 1 hour, depending on weather conditions. You fly over the picturesque views of the Kaskelen - Uzunagach gorge, over the mountains, hills and fields. Rise above the clouds and break free from the rush of the earth, enjoying a special high-altitude sunlight.

Emotions beyond words

Imagine that you can see the land from the bird’s-eye view, enjoy the stunning scenery and breathtaking spectacle, feel like a traveler from the books of Jules Verne ... This adventure will forever remain in your memory and will warm you in the cold winter evenings, you can proudly tell about it to your grandchildren.

Extraordinary gift

Hot air balloon flight is a great way to proclaim your love for someone and propose, have fun with friends or triple an unforgettable evening for a loved one. All flights are performed by experienced instructors, participants in local and international competitions, true professionals in their field, so you don’t need to worry about your safety.

Полет на высоте - до 500 метров.


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