Almaty Dolphinarium

Seals, lions and of course dolphins

For those citizens who were not lucky enough to visit the real sea, a piece of the world's ocean was brought directly to Almaty, along with salt water and charming marine fauna - dolphins, fur seals and a sea lioness. Those smart animals are incredibly talented - they know a huge number of tricks that delight both children and adults.

The show and a little something after it

The program at the Nemo Dolphinarium is unique. It was prepared specifically for our city. Its main characters are the Black Sea bottlenose dolphins, who jump through hoops, give people rides and show other numbers. After watching the show, you can take pictures with the animals and even swim together, or you can play the role of a trainer yourself and feed the animals with fresh fish.

Contribution to environmental education of the city

Dolphinarium is not only about putting on entertaining shows. It contributes to the cultural and educational life of the city. With the help of various means, lectures and excursions, the dolphinarium popularizes knowledge about marine animals, promotes the idea of nature conservation and respect for it, and develops the ecological culture of the population.

Алматинский круглогодичный дельфинарий "НЕМО"

Адрес: ЦПКиО (бывший парк им. Горького), ул. Гоголя, 1, Алматы. Контакты: +7 (727) 98 333 03, +7 708 98 333 03 (WhatsApp)
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