Park named after 28 Panfilov Guardsmen

In memory of the fallen heroes

The park is named in honor of the Panfilov division, 28 hero soldiers who single-handedly stopped the advance of the fascist tanks on Moscow during the Second World War. The words of Vasily Klochkov, the permanent political commander of the division: “Russia is great, but there is nowhere to retreat. Moscow is behind us!” are inscribed in every Soviet history textbook and still touch hearts.

Nine historical names

The park was founded in the seventies of the XIX century on the territory of the old cemetery, which was connected to the territory of the cathedral and called the "City Garden". In the first half of the twentieth century, the park managed to become "Pushkin Garden", "Park of Fallen Fighters", "Lenin Park", "Gubkomcomparma Garden", "May 1st Public Park”, "Park of Federation of Soviet Republics" ... it received his current name only in 1942 and it’s still the same.

Current life of the park

Now there are the famous Ascension Cathedral, a monument to the Heroes of Panfilov, the Eternal Flame, the Museum of Kazakh folk musical instruments, the Artishok theater and several restaurants. In the daytime, you can ride a pony in the park, feed the pigeons and just enjoy walking along conifers and mysterious alleys.

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