Jeep tour "Plateau Assy and Charyn"

Contrasting landscapes

You will be amazed by the contrast of landscapes and their amazing combination. From the Martian landscapes of the Charyn canyon to the green expanses of the “Alpine” meadows - it is amazing how it all came together on such a small piece of terrestrial space. Unusual combinations, elevation and temperature differences - all this will leave you with the most diverse, but amazing impressions.

Charyn canyon

First stop is Charyn canyon. The unusual place amazes everyone with its extraterrestrial landscapes. The most popular tourist part of the canyon, the “Valley of Castles” stretches for almost 2 kilometers in length and fascinates guests with unusual drawings of the rocky surface, almost architectural textures of the walls and unusual lines. Canyon is a protected monument of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Bartogai Reservoir

Have you ever been to the moon? If you are not Neil Armstrong, it is unlikely. However, after visiting this reservoir you will have a complete sense of enjoying the cosmic landscapes. The lake was created artificially in 1986. The catchment area of the lake is especially interesting - powerful streams of water escaping from the dam will leave you with an indescribable storm of emotions.

Plateau Assy

High mountain Zhailau amazes with its beauty and makes your head spin with the strongest aromas of blooming herbs. Although, of course, it depends on the season in which you go there - colored glades at the beginning of summer, green hills in the middle of it or golden dry herbs in the August heat - the plateau will always find something to surprise you with. The pure mountain air and the stunning blue shades of the sky... No camera can convey the beauty of the surrounding landscape.


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