Authentic Alma-Ata

Loved by its inhabitants

You will not find a city like Almaty anywhere else. Amazing mountains, seen from anywhere in the city, a unique friendship between the most diverse cultures, eclecticism of architectural buildings - this is all our unique southern capital. Residents of the regions come here to “make their way”, residents of the capital come here to get warm and entertained. Every Almaty citizen loves the city with special love, and now you will find out why.

Historical places

During the tour you will learn the history of the formation of the city from the Verna period to modern days. You will walk through the ancient houses of ancient Russian architecture, see churches and mosques, lush green parks and real oriental bazaars. On the tour you will learn things about the city that not every Almaty citizen knows, and will be able to impress them with the newfound knowledge.

Modern centers

After the historical part, you will explore the modern city, visit the places favored by Almaty people and see the city from a completely different side. The pedestrian Arbat and fashionable Panfilov, a quiet 28 Panfilov Park, a cheerful Gorky, an atmospheric Green Bazaar - all these places are well-known to people, even if they live in other parts of the city. And you can be on the same page with them!

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