Alexander Nedelko

Kazakhstan is visited by foreign journalists and bloggers with increasing frequency. They walk around iconic places, get acquainted with culture and customs, and then share their impressions on the Internet. Recently, a nomad journalist visited Almaty.

Real delight

"It is at an altitude of over two and a half thousand meters above sea level. From it, water pipes go to the Almaty residents' apartments. Yes, yes, the townspeople drink this very water. If we are talking about emotions, I wanted to shout - the water is turquoise, with snow and the purest air around. The spectacle is beyond words! This moment should be felt, ”Alexander noted.
If we are talking about emotions, I wanted to shout

Its greatness is breathtaking

And, of course, how do you visit Almaty and don’t visit the unique Charyn canyon, which is a few hours’ drive from the city? "Wandering through the canyon, you involuntarily feel like a grain of sand in this world. Huge boulders lie at the bottom of the rift, high rocks rise around, and small cracks in them are so large that an adult can fit in there," the journalist said. Source:
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