Sacred places

Sacred places

articular belief system of one exact time. There are many special sacred places around the world but some people say that the whole world is holy and historical. People visit those places in order to gain spiritual wisdom and know more about history and architecture. Almaty also has its own holy destinations: Republic Square, Ascension Cathedral, House museum named after Akhmet Baitursynov, Charyn Canyon, Khan Tengri peak, Tamgaly Tas, Almaty Saki mounds and others.

Republic Square

Every city owns a place where all the important events are held. Such place in Apple city is called Republic Square (ex New Square) which is located on the Satpayev Street, between Zheltoksan Street and Nazarbayev Avenue. There is an Independence Monument right in the center of the square which has a “golden man” on top of it. This is the image of the ruler, which was found during the archaeological excavations in the Issyk barrow near Almaty in 1970. In the mound was buried the king of Saks, in full dress and gold jewelry. The golden man’s role in our nation is very significant and that’s why this place is a sacred place.

Ascension Cathedral

The number of historical and architectural places in Almaty is not that big, but each of them is full of story and mysticism. One of those places is Ascension Cathedral which was built in 1907. This is one of the world’s tallest wooden buildings, the tallest Orthodox wooden church in the world. The highest point at the upper end of the cross on the main dome is 39,64 m, the same at the top of the bell tower – 46 m. Capacity of the cathedral is 1.8 thousand people.

House museum named after Akhmet Baitursynov

There are many Kazakh linguists who helped to improve pedagogy field in Kazakhstan. Among them Ahmed Baitursynov was the brightest one as he was a Kazakh public and statesman who worked in the fields of policy, poetry and education. His investment in pedagogy is still used nowadays in some schools. The house number 60 where the educator lived with his family was decided to turn into a museum in 1993. It was located on the ex-Cosmonauts Street which now bears the name of Ahmet Baitursynov. His family was on the list of enemies of the people and that’s why was evicted. Since that the house became one of the entertainments for visitors which has four rooms where you can get acquainted with the life and work of the scientist through a unique archival photographs and documents.

Charyn Canyon

The Canyon is popular among tourists and city residents as the little brother of the American Grand Canyon. A spectacular and impressive landscape is the result of the dramatic erosion of the river Charyn. It is one of Almaty’s must-visit and catchy spots that captivates everyone. Over time, the canyon has acquired various shapes and sizes in colorful formations and became way more attractive. It’s a lot lower and smaller than the Grand Canyon but still is very famous as an Asian alternative of it.

Khan Tengri peak

In case you are a genuine mountain person, you’ll be inquisitive about Almaty’s most noteworthy top. It is called Khan Tengri and there is its own reason that this title was given to this top. The title “Khan Tengri” in Kazakh suggests “King of Heaven” and usually the most noteworthy point of Tian Shan mountains. The definition of it may contrast in different nations: Khan Tangiri Shyngy, Kan-Too Chokusu, Pik Khan-Tengry, etc. the borders of three countries meet at this peak: China, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. The greatest stature with the ice sheet is 7010 m and this marker is respected to be Kazakhstan’s first and Kyrgyzstan’s third most noteworthy point.

Tamgaly (Petroglyphs)

These are low ancient mountains, on the rocky galleries of which are located more than 5 000 petroglyphs from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages. The Tamgaly Petroglyphs Gallery is a world treasure and is protected by the UNESCO Foundation. Here, both Saki and Turkic, the most mysterious – are made in the era of developed bronze (more than 3 000 years). This is truly an ancient art gallery, the paintings of which depict both individual animals and people, and entire scenes from the life of ancient people. For many millennia, the wide and smooth surfaces of the cliffs were covered with a “deserted tan”, becoming the ideal backdrop for this miraculous gallery over which more than one generation worked. The Tamgaly tract is located 170 km north-west of Almaty and is located in the south-eastern part of Chu -Ili Mountains, stretching from south to north from Zailiysky Alatau to Lake Balkhash and the desert of Betpak-Dala.

Almaty Saki mounds

As Almaty is a full of historical places city, there is one more area which has a great significance in Kazakh history. It is located in the northwestern part of Almaty and important with the monument of the Saki mounds. They were discovered in the Early Iron Age, dated VI – III centuries BC. The burial complex of military leaders and rulers of the Saki and Uysun tribes consists of 47 large and more than 200 small mounds. Sizes of burial grounds vary from 3 to 150 meters in diameter and from 0.1 to 14 meters in height.

Issyk mound

There is one more sacred place located 50 kilometers east of Almaty. It is a part of the burial site complex which is on the left bank of the Issyk mountain river, near the Yesik city. The burial ground is dated V — IV centuries BC and refers to the Saka culture. Issyk mounds are a vivid example of how the art of animal style spread and where it came from. That`s why it is considered that this place is a sacred place. Issyk barrow is located on the western half of the burial ground and its diameter is 60 meters, height – 6 meters. There exist two burial chambers: central and lateral. There are 45 large royal mounds with a diameter of 30 to 90 in the burial ground and their heights are of 4 to 15 meters. The total area of the necropolis is 3 sq km.

Raiymbek Batyr Mausoleum

Raiymbek Batyr was a famous Kazakh warrior born in the 18th century. The reason of why he was called Batyr is because in Kazakh language ‘Batyr’ is an honorific term meaning hero. As Raiymbek Batyr was public figure, so his mausoleum is considered as a holy place in the southern capital. The monument has an unusual shape, in the form of a pointed tent with a crescent on top, inside which is a sarcophagus with the remains of a great hero. Also on the territory of the mausoleum there is a spring with water, and a room for prayers.

Boraldai (mound)

Almaty is historical city, which has a lot of sacred places. One of them is Boraldai Kurgan necropolis which is located on the southeastern outskirts of Boraldai village on the high left bank of the Bolshaya Almatinka River. The length of the burial ground is 3 km and a width of 800 meters. The total area of the complex is 430 ha. The complex consists of 47 mounds of the early Iron Age, located in the northwest of Almaty. The largest mound’s height is 14 meters and a diameter is 100 meters. The burials belong to the Saka and the Wusun tribes.