Ice skating

Ice skating

Absolute love for skates

This is the favorite winter entertainment of all Almaty residents. Although why only winter? In the Mega shopping center on Rozybakieva street, the skating rink is open even in the summer, which allows citizens to enjoy sliding on ice even in the 30-degree heat! Almaty residents ride in pairs and families, large companies and alone… Because it’s in their blood!

Medeo of my soul

Of course, the most popular city ice rink is the Alpine skating rink Medeo. On weekends there is nowhere for the Almaty aport (kind of apple) to fall, and on weekdays, especially on evening skating, there are always a lot of people. As Almaty residents say, it is impossible to come to Medeo and not meet your friend. The skiing season lasts from November to March, holidays, concerts and major international competitions are held here.

Popular ice rinks in the city

Of course, we have a lot of ice rinks in the city. In winter, fields are flooded in micro districts, Aksai and at the ACM (Almaty cotton Mill), an ice rink works in VILLA Boutiques & Restaurants and at the circus, closer to winter, an ice rink opens at the park of the First President. In addition, the city has the Halyk Arena and the Almaty Arena, huge indoor ice rinks where professional athletes train.


Mega Alma-Ata shopping center: 247A Rozybakieva str.
Medeu Alpine Skating rink: 465 Kerey-Zhanibek Khandar str.
Almaty Arena Ice Complex: Nurkent microdistrict, 7
Halyk Arena Sports Complex: Kuldzhinsky tract, 2D