Air tours

Air tours

Where no person has been

The beauties of Almaty begin to open up to tourists even before their plane lands: a stunning view from above of the snowy peaks of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains makes every guest of our beautiful city fall in love with himself. But an ordinary flight is always not enough, because there is no way to go down below the peaks to see the most interesting ones, not to go out and walk along the slopes, not to touch wild fir trees with your hands…

A little maneuverable air transport

For everyone who wants to visit lots of unique places and visit where no human foot has ever set foot, there is a service – air walks around the South capital. Your transport will be a gyroplane (autogyro) – charming aircraft on a screw device, that you can use with an instructor or by yourself (after a special training)

Heavenly motorcycles

It’s difficult to convey emotions that you will get after flying in words – continuous exclamations stay in your head. “Heavenly motorcycles”, or autogyros – impossibly maneuverable and allow you to make a certain aerial pirouettes and undoubtedly it will delight fans of extreme and non-standard adventures. The middle duration of flying – 15 minutes.


Almaty, Airfield «Boraldai»
Upper highway Almaty — Kaskelen, 32nd km
Karasai district, near the village of Kairat, the Nurdaulet racetrack