Singing sand dune

New wonder of the world

A unique monument of nature and one of the “7 Wonders of Kazakhstan”, this sandy dune is the hallmark of the Altyn Emel reserve. It is located on the right bank of the Ili River in the northeast direction from the city of Almaty. It is called "Singing" because in dry weather the wind, bypassing the slopes of the dune, coaxes surprisingly melodious sounds from them.

Amazing music of nature

The size of the dune is 120 m in height and 4 km in length. When you go up the side of a mountain, the sand begins to crumble down from under your feet, and from the depths of the hill there is a sound reminiscent of an airplane engine roar. Nobody knows where the dune came from, but the surprising fact is that it does not move around the territory under the influence of strong steppe winds.

Winter sport in the summer heat

Due to its pronounced ridge and height, the dune attracts the attention of ski and snowboarding fans - quite a few people have already masterfully learned to conquer the slope of this sandy hill. The climb on the 45-degree slope to the top of the hill can be called difficult, but those who will master it will get a worthy reward - a stunning view of the Ili valley!


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