Monk's Gorge

The magical beauty of a small gorge

The stunning beauty of the gorge is located near the city of Talgar, on the territory of Ile Alatau National Park. A crystal clear mountain river flows through the gorge, and if you are not lazy and go up to the base of the gorge, you will see a confluence of 2 rivers. The gorge also has a small but fascinating beautiful waterfall, where you can make a stop to admire dozens of small rainbows formed by droplets of water crashing on the rocks.

The sad story of the gorge

The monk's gorge was named like that because in the 20s of the twentieth century, Orthodox schemas were hiding from the persecutions of the Bolsheviks. They arranged their homes in a rock cleft and built a small church here. But, unfortunately, the retreat of the priests did not last long and they were noticed by the red authorities. The monks were shot, and the church was blown up. In its place, only the old wooden cross remained, which symbolizes faith in God.

"Living" water and good signs

The gorge is a popular pilgrimage site. Many believers and tourists just come here to collect pure spring water - it is believed that it has healing properties and can heal from all diseases. It is said that sometimes you can meet ghosts in church robes and this is considered a good sign, bestowing good luck and the blessings of heaven.

Общее расстояние от центра города до Монахова ущелья — чуть больше 44 километров. По Талгарской трассе приблизительно через 10 километров располагается дом отдыха, а также лагерь «Спутник». Чтобы дойти до начала туристического маршрута, следует пройти через территорию лагеря. При самостоятельном посещении ущелья нужно заплатить экологический сбор за въезд на территорию Алматинского государственного природного заповедника.
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