Trap shooting

Hunter with a big heart

Entertainment is ideal for those who combine the indomitable spirit of a hunter and the love of animals. Here we can practice our aim, let off some steam and get rid of everyday stress, get a light jolt of energy, and also simply enjoy the professional weapons designed for firing with minimal impact.

Harder than you think

Skeet shooting is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. You need to calculate the trajectory of a moving object, the speed and range of the bullet, take into account the presence of wind and other factors ... The task requires tremendous mental and physical effort and only the best of the best can cope with it and knock down 10 plates out of 10. But with proper training everyone has a chance.

50 chances to win

Around the city there are several shooting clubs where you can test your abilities. Usually you are invited to buy 50 shots, which should be enough to "feel the weapon", to get used to it and learn how to hit the target. Shots can be shared with a friend or used individually. Experienced instructors with years of experience will assist you in the shooting.

Стрелковый комплекс «Баганашыл»


Центральный спортивно-технический клуб «Отан».


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