Park resort "8 озер"

Thermal springs

A unique hot spring was discovered on the territory of the complex in the spring of 2016 and the results obtained on the composition of water exceeded all expectations. The hot spring contains many rare and useful minerals for the body like selenium, sodium, magnesium, iron and is ultra soft, which allows water to easily penetrate the body and saturate it with life-giving, anti-aging properties.


Beach club

The largest pool in the CIS offers to enjoy a good rest. Here you can take a dip in the crystal-clear artesian water, relax on the sunbeds and VIP tents located in the shade of palm trees and umbrellas. They pay close attention to the comfort of guests. The non-slip granite stone is used as the flooring of the Beach Club.

Everything for your holiday!

A true fishing paradise in Kazakhstan, exciting horseback riding, outdoor games - and much more so that you get an unforgettable experience from your weekend.


on a personal car

A private car ride will take about 45 minutes


You can use the services of taxi parks

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