Bicycle Almaty

Cycling is the most popular summer sport. Our akim Baybek is especially fond of bicycles, so he equipped the whole city with special bike tracks. The largest one is along Abai Street, and small ones are spread out in small vessels throughout the city. It is especially convenient to ride in large parks like the First President or the Gorky Park, and many modern offices are equipped with parking lots for bicycles.

Caring for the whole city

Bicycles are eco-friendly. You have probably heard about a sad situation with Almaty smog and dropped a quiet tear while looking at the city from the peaks of the surrounding mountains, right? Due to the special location, surrounded by the mountains of Zailiisky Alatau, the wind does not blow the smog out of the city, and all gases accumulate in the sky above the southern capital. Therefore, every time you do not use the engine, and ride an eco-friendly bike instead, the city air becomes a little cleaner.

City bike rental system

In addition to the track system, the city has an extensive bike rental system. There are many private rental outlets and a large municipal bike rental AlmatyBike. The latter is especially pleasing - more than 200 stations and 1280 bicycles, a convenient payment system using a personalized card, a price that’s more symbolic that anything, and even a special app - our government is making every effort to maintain the health of its citizens.

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