The only project in the whole CIS

What makes Almaty beautiful is its versatility. In the morning you can ride a horse across the steppes, and after lunch you can go to the professional track to speed in the latest sports car. Autodrome - "Sokol" is the only professional sports and technical complex in Kazakhstan that has no analogues in the CIS. This is where all local and local competitions are held.
Проект автодрома "Sokol" не имеет аналогов в СНГ
A wide range of entertainment

At the circuit you will find a variety of entertainment for yourself:

На автодроме вы найдете для себя самые разные развлечения:
Karting (racing on racing cars without a body) - 1,150 km of the track and more than 5 types of difficulties Drag Racing (sprint race at a short distance) - track length 950 m Driffing (auto racing with an abundance of colorful twists) - area of 16 000 sq. M. m Buggy (riding on off-road mini-cars) - 2 km of excellent off-road trails.

A place for all

In addition, at the circuit you will find convenient sites for auto-moto competitions, a playground for paintball, a mini-golf course, a hotel and cafes. Also there is a museum of automotive equipment, where you will find retro cars of amazing beauty. There is a camping area for an active summer holiday, and a special playground for children.
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