Alley of Poetry

Alley of Poetry

Opening ceremony of literary and cultural project “Alley of Poetry”, which had been built in the park “Gulder” of Zhetysu region of Almaty city, has been conducted on December 6, 2019 within the framework of the programme “Seven Edges of the Great Steppe”.

Following guests from the creative class were invited to the ceremonial event: Olzhas Suleimenov, Murat Auezov, Mukhtar Shakhanov, Ulykbek Yesdaulet, Altynbek Korazbayev, Seken Turysbek, Bakytzhamal Ospanova, Roza Kabiyeva.

Purpose of the project is contribution to the revival of the public consciousness. The alley has been built in form of the stage “Seven circles of the maturity”. Philosophical work of the poet, member of the Association of Writers Shokan Muratkhan, was used as the basis of the idea “Seven circles of the maturity”. Arba with the written Eastern wisdom, which will be place of free book exchange, is located on the territory of this alley.

Major feature of the project “Alley of Poetry” lies in the fact that a human lives on the Earth at the level of seven circles (seven consciousness):

1. Family circle;

2. Parent circle;

3. Generic circle;

4. National circle;

5. Spiritual circle;

6. Civil circle;

7. Natural circle.

Literary evenings, meetings with writers and poets and other artistic activities, philosophical lectures, aimed to development and popularization of culture of regions’ and cities’ residents will be conducted in the future on the stage of “Seven circles of the maturity”.