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Almaty Theater “Zhas Sakhna”

Theater «Zhas Sakhna» («The Young Stage») was created by Baiten Valikhanovich Omarov – Honored Artist of the Kazakh SSR, People’s Artist of the Kazakh SSR, Kazakh theatre director, actor of Soviet and Kazakh cinema, public figure and teacher. «One of the main tasks of the theatre is to call people to humanity, kindness. But you […]


The ARTISHOK Theatre is the first independent theatre company in Kazakhstan, founded in 2001 in Almaty. ARTISHOK maintains and strengthens ties with leading theatres and festivals in Russia and Europe, with professional forums and international theatre organisations. The leading non-state theatre of the country, which independently initiates and implements various projects in the field of […]

Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Abay

The State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Abay was founded in 1934 on the basis of the city music studio. Its first composer was Evgeny Brusilovsky, the founder of the National opera of Kazakhstan. The status of the academic theatre was received in 1941, and in honor of Abay it was named in […]

Kunaev Museum

The Museum of Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich Kunaev is one of the most visited museums in Almaty, and therefore in Kazakhstan. The purpose and task of the museum is to cherish the memory of Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich Kunaev. The museum is based on original documents, materials, personal belongings related to the life of an outstanding statesman, telling about […]

House-museum of D.A. Kunaev

The growing interest in the personality of Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich was one of the reasons that in the year of his 100th birthday, in January 2012 was opened a Memorial house-museum in the house where he lived. Here visitors can get acquainted with the life and everyday life of this great man from the other side. […]


«Health Path» Terrenkur is the Almaty «Health Path», which was built in 1974 and runs parallel to Tattimbet Street and Dostyk Avenue. Terrenkur is located in the eastern part of Almaty and rushes from the city center to the foothills. The length of the health path is 4.5 kilometers, its highest point is 1060 meters, […]

Museum of Almaty

Museum of Almaty was founded in 2002 in the building of the former Vernenskiy orphan home. The history of Almaty city is stored in 11 room: here you can discover various eras of the Southern capital for yourself: “Ancient history of Almaty”, “Medieval history of Almaty”, “At the origins of Kazakh state system”, “Vernenskiy period […]

House museum of Ahmet Baitursynuly

Ahmet Baitursynov and his family lived in the Zubov house in 1934–1937. After the rehabilitation of the former Alash Orda government in 1988, the house was recognized as a historical and architectural monument and in 1993 a memorial house-museum was opened. House museum of XX century’s great reformer, public activist and statesman, scientist and linguist, poet and translator, scholar […]

First President’s Park

The largest park of the city The territory of the park is 73 hectares of plantings. More than 11 thousand trees and shrubs, flowers and herbs are stunning in their diversity. Traditional oak alleys and an exotic “Japanese Garden”, flower beds and lawns where you can sit and have a picnic – the park has […]

Kok Tobe

Beloved symbol of the city Kok Tobe Park is a popular place for romantic dates and family walks. It is located on the peak of the “Kok Tobe” mountain at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level. From the city center, you can reach it in just 10 minutes by car, but it is […]

The D.A. Kunaev Memorial

To the state and political figure of Kazakhstan Hero of Socialist Labor Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich Kunaev (1912-1993), a monument-bust was erected in a park at the intersection of Bogenbai Batyr and Kunaev Streets in 1978. Bronze bust of D.A. Kunaeva, performed according to the model of the sculptor T.S. Dosmagambetov, was mounted on a pedestal of […]

The Abai Kunanbayev Memorial

In 1960, a monument to Abai Kunanbayev was erected on Abai Square in Alma-Ata. The authors were the sculptor H.I. Nauryzbaev, and architect I.I. Belotserkovsky. The total height of the monument is 13 m. The sculpture is cast in bronze. The shape of the pedestal is trapezoidal, made of red granite. The figure of Abai […]