Abay, 101 а

Among the variety of traditions and customs of the Kazakh people, a special place is occupied by wedding rituals and rituals.

Previously, the parents were preparing for the young details of the yurt, kerege, uyk, shanyrak, each element was endowed with a certain, sacral meaning. Such a dwelling for the newlyweds was called "Zhas-Otau" and was going to the wedding day. A round three-story building, ornamental sun-protection, paraphrase of the lattice "kerege" resemble a dwelling of nomads - a yurt. At the same time, the image evokes association with the symbolism of the marriage rings, creating a special atmosphere of the sacrament and the feast. During the wedding, from the rooms of the groom and the bride the young rise up the white marble staircase to the second floor, to the celebration hall. The ceremony is held both on national and European standards. The wedding palace, built in 1971, is located at: Abay Ave., 103A.

Authors of the project: M. Mendikulov, A. Leppik, N. Orazimbetov. In the exterior decoration of the building used white marble and aluminum, in the interior - a wall painting, outside - chasing at the entrance and a mosaic on the rear facade (artists: N. Tsivchinsky, M. Kenbaev). In 2001, a large-scale reconstruction was carried out under the project of architect K. Montakhayev, after which the renewed Wedding Palace "Zhas-Otau" became even more popular among couples who unite their hearts by the bonds of sacred marriage.