On the right bank of the Ili River, to the north-east of Almaty, there is one unusual barkhan, called it "Singing" - this is another unique miracle of nature.

During walking, the sand from under your feet begins to creep down a steep slope, and from the depths of the barkhana a buzzing sound resembling the sound of a flying airplane. Sandy mountains have a height of more than 120 m and stretch for 4 km. No one knows exactly where this huge mountain of sand appeared in the steppe valley, riddled with winds, between the ridges of the Ulken-Kalkan mountains. Curiously, the barkhan does not roam the plain, but remains in place for several millennia. The sharply marked crest of the barkhana with several outstanding peaks allows lovers of the ski mountains to make an exotic descent along the slopes of the mountains. The climate in this region is sharply continental. In summer, the temperature often rises above 40 degrees.