Dostyk, 56

The Palace of the Republic, built in 1970 and located along Dostyk, 56, is a worthy completion of Abai Ave.

A huge eastern tent - that's what kind of association is born immediately when meeting this masterpiece of modern architecture. Then comes the following idea: creators of the Palace of the Republic, architects N. Ripinsky, L. Ukhobotov, V. Kim, Yu. Ratushny, in addition to adherence to national motives had to show considerable creative courage. That there is only a colossal roof, curved upwards above the main and rear facades. Just think: its area is practically with the famous Medeu ice rink, about 10,000 square meters. Like the hotel "Kazakhstan", the Palace of the Republic is included in a single architectural ensemble of the Abai Square, supplemented with fountains, squares framing the monument to Abay Kunanbayev, established in 1960. In recent years, the palace got a second wind. The modern LED screen of 308 square meters, located between the pylons of the main facade, allows you to organize an improvised stage during the concert events on the Abai Square. In the afternoon, when concerts are not held in the palace, you can go there for free.